If you've purchased a NiteFlirt Template and need assistance, read the information below: 

First things first!  Extract your folder by right clicking it and selecting "Extract All".  Once this is complete, open the folder.  Once it’s opened, right-click and open the html file with Notepad.  You do this so you can replace the image urls.  

In order for the template to correctly display, you will need to upload the images in the images folder to NiteFlirt and replace the image url in the html code with the appropriate url for the image.  Once you upload the images to NiteFlirt, each one has a image url of it’s own that you will use.  

For example

You will see this in the html code: <img src="images/header.jpg" border="0">

The “images/header.jpg” needs to be replaced with the url for the image you uploaded to NiteFlirt.

You will have to do this with all the images including the tribute buttons, follow me on Twitter button, etc.

For the tribute buttons, you will need to click on “My Account” then click on “Create Buttons”

From here you can create tribute buttons with the “Payment Mail Buttons” and you can also create goody bag buttons with the “Goody Bag Button” option.

If you require additional help, please email me directly at  I do not customize premade templates.  

In need of a custom bio or a custom template?  Click here.  Turnaround time for custom bios is 1-2 business days.  For custom templates, it’s 5-8 business days.